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  Thank you, for stopping by to learn more about me. As a writer, I have discovered the wonder and joy of great story telling, and with that I found my great passion in life. Seven years ago I lost the one person in this world that truly understood the visions in my head, my mother, Marilyn Hamrick. Since her death I have done everything in my power to keep the fight against cancer going in her honor. When my mother lost her battle, I was lost in the pain that filled my very soul. Slowly I began to find my way back through my work. And with the love of God, my family, and friends, I did overcome the pain.

       Writing became a part of my life again in 2005, when I sat down after almost ten years to write what would become my first novel, "True Love". Something about writing seemed natural to me, and I felt completely at home putting pen to paper. Although it would take me eighteen months to complete my first book, my family never let me loss faith. Writing fiction gives me away to express my feelings, and thoughts about the world we live in. As an author I try to find a way to share the story that fills my head with as much passion as I can muster.

         For the last five years, I have written novels, children's books, and poetry. When I first discovered that I had a gift for writing I never thought much about what I would write, I just knew that I had to put the thoughts in my head to paper. People often ask me where the characters come from, and to that I say, "The people in my life that touch me the most". Although I get ideas from everything I see and hear. A song, a book, and sometimes even a stranger can inspire me to write about them in one way or another.  

         When I sat down to start writing "Angel of Mine" I found myself second guessing everything about the book, and the idea of ever releasing it to the world. That changed as everyone in my little circle of friends told me repeatedly how much people could be helped by my sharing my gift with the world. Thankfully, I listened to them. And just over a year after its completion I released "Angel of Mine" with the proceeds to benefit the American Cancer Society. The book went on to reach number 40 on the hot 100. However, it was the love from people everywhere that touched me the most. People writing to me with their stories, and the way my little book helped them really opened my eyes to the fact that God had a purpose for my gift after all.

         Sometimes we have to look beyond ourselves to see the big picture. "Angel" would have never seen the light of day without the support of my friends, and my gift from God. Over the first year without my mother, I spent most of my time writing like I had never written before. That year alone I penned "Angel of Mine" , "Letting Go", "All Kinds of Love", and "The Final Acclaim" just to name a few. Yes, I was busy letting out all the pain that filled my soul. I wanted to live, but without writing I'm not sure that I would have survived the loss. Today I can look back and know that I was blessed with wonderful friends, and family that always did their best to help me pull through, "I love them all".   


     When I first became a part of the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life", I wasn't sure that I could handle being around something that brought back such painful memories, but I was wrong. Joining "Relay" was such a blessing; everyone welcomed me, and I was proud to be a part of something that helped so many people. In 2011 I will be releasing several books with a percentage of the proceeds to benefit the "American Cancer Society". Because, as I have said many times before we have to all stand up, and say, "Enough" to cancer.    

      Sometimes it seems that almost everyone I know has been touched by Cancer in one way or another. Sadly, some of those people, like my mother, loss their battle. Cancer has no mercy for anyone regardless of age. I have known children as young as three battling cancer. It truly breaks my heart when one of them loses. Joining the "American Cancer Society", in their wonderful efforts to help end cancer, has become one of the most important things in my life. Losing my mother changed the way I look at the world, and the way I write. Everything in my life seems to have more meaning since her death, and I'm grateful to God above for the gift of words, they helped pull me through to a better place in my life. Just knowing that together we can indeed one day live in a world without cancer. So, follow me to a world with more birthdays, and less cancer.


                                                                                    J. D. Willd  

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