Independent Novels

  The Dark Side of Love (Coming Soon)

Bradley Richards is back, and so, is your favorite killer! Let the games begin!!!

  Daddy Dearest

What if your grandmother, and father, were both bestselling authors? Would you feel the pressure to become one too? Or would you feel alone, without the love of your family? Dustin Whitfield understood at an early age that his family was different from those of his friends. His father, Stephen Whitfield stayed on the road promoting his next book. While Dustin, stayed home with his latest stepmother. The love and acceptance he longed for from his father always remained just out of reach. And even as his father laid in wait as death slowly came to take him, Dustin longed to understand the man he called, Daddy….

  When the Wrong One Loves You

David and Benjamin have been together since high school, and while their love has never really changed, their sex life is another story. The passion that once burned bright now flickers in the wind. When out of nowhere, they discover a secret world of sex and forbidden pleasure. Sadly, there is a price to pay…. And your death just might be enough…. When The Wrong One Loves You…..

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