J D Willd



   I grew up in the wonderful state of Texas, but I was born in Louisiana. Although my childhood was wonderful, I often wished for more freedom. My mother, God rest her soul, tended to be a little over protective. She would always say, you will understand one day when you have your own children, and I am afraid she was right. Becoming a parent changes everything about your life, and the way you look at the world, or at least it did for me.

     I began writing novel's when I was just twenty-four years old, but sadly, I would be unable to complete my first novel for almost ten years. Everything about my life seemed to takeoff just as I began my journey as a writer. For the next nine years or so, I would work six days a week, eighteen hours a day trying to make a name for myself in the world of construction.

     Then, ten years into what I thought would be a lifetime relationship, the company I worked for decided to sellout, leaving thousands of people, including me without a job. A few months later, my family and I decided to start our own company. Today we are still going strong. A year after we opened the doors to "R & M" I sat down and started rewriting my first novel. Eighteen months later, I finished what would become the second happiest day of my life, the first being the birth of my son.

    Finishing my first book was like winning the lottery. And nothing could have made me prouder. Still, I had doubts about my future as a writer. Thankfully I was wrong, and just four months later, I finished my second novel. After that, the books just kept coming, and today I have written several novels, three children's books, and four books of poetry. Nonetheless, my journey as a writer has just begun, and with any luck, I will be writing until my last days.

                                                                                  Copyright  2018 by WILLD INK