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April 21, 2018 - Thank you to Atlas 42 for their wonderful hospitality and beautiful facility. We look forward to working with you in the future.

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     Just wanted to share some new projects with you. Mr. Willd has been busy working on three new novels and a collection just for you. "Thy Shall Never Love Again" "Mr. Wright" & "The Trouble with Love". His new collection is called "Between Love & Hate" and having read a little of it myself, I think it's his best work yet! Also, look for the very special Anniversary Edition of "Angle" coming in January 2019! 

Here is an old interview.

Reporter: Today I’m talking with author and poet J. D. Willd about his recent release “True Love”.

Reporter: First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

J. D.: You’re welcome, anytime.

Reporter: I understand from reading your blog that “True Love” is your favorite novel, why?

J. D.: Well, to be honest the complete Cameron series holds a special place in my heart.

Reporter: I see, can you explain?

J. D.: When I first started writing the only person that cared as much about the book as myself was my mother. She always listened while I talked her ear off about what I was going to do next. In fact, she is one of my main characters; Mary Miles. And that’s why I love the series so much.

Reporter: Was it hard to write about your mother?

J. D.: No, not at all. I loved my mother so writing about her was like breathing, easy.

Reporter: You have often said that you write about the people you know, is that true?

J. D.: Yes, most everyone in my books is based on someone that I know. I feel that it gives the books more soul.

Reporter: Has anyone ever complained?

J. D.: No, but I have only released a few books.

Reporter: I read “True Love”, and I have to tell you, I cried at the end. Did you always plan to end the book that way?

J. D.: Yes, I always knew that someone would have to die. But I also knew that it would not be Cameron.

Reporter: The character Julie in your book, is she really based on your best friend?

J. D.: Yes, Julie is my best friend in life as in my book.

Reporter: Does she like the idea of being in your book?

J. D.: To be honest I never asked. When I sat down to write the book I had to let myself think about Cameron’s best friend, and what she would be like. And without thinking twice I wrote about Julie.

Reporter: I understand that book two is coming out in May, is that right?

J. D.: Yes, That’s what we are hoping for, and if everything works out, book two will come out sometime in May.

Reporter: Are you surprised at the success of your books?

J. D.: Sometimes, but I always hoped to touch people’s lives in a positive way.

Reporter: I read on your website were you said writing a novel is easier than writing poetry, is that true?

J. D.: Yes and No. Yes, because I over think everything I do. And no, because writing comes very easy to me, and I love it.

Reporter: When your mother passed, was it hard writing your feelings down in a book?

J. D.: No, writing about the pain saved my life, and I’m not sure that I would still be here without writing.

Reporter: Wow, sounds like you really put your heart into what you write. I recently read that you would not be doing any book signings due to health problems is that true?

J. D.: Yes, at this time I’m just not well enough to meet with the public. I know that people are unhappy about that, but I hope they understand.

Reporter: Is there any one thing you would like the fans to know about you that they don’t already?

J.D.: Off the top of my head I cannot think of anything that I have not already shared with them.

Reporter: You have often said that you give a portion of all sales to “The American Cancer Society” to help in the fight. Is that true of your novels and poetry?

J.D.: Yes, everything I write regardless of what it is will help in the fight.

Reporter: Does your family help in the fight as you call it, the way you do?

J.D.: Yes, everyone in my family helps fight cancer in one way or another, and we will do so until there is a cure.

Reporter: Thank you, J.D. for taking the time to talk with me. I wish you great success with your books.

J.D.: You’re welcome, and thank you.

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