J D Willd


The idea of love burns bright the mind of a child

Face the future with a heart filled with understanding

Come to the place where love is born and we must understand that we have only a short time to live and dream

Nothing about the world is simple and we must except that life will knock you down

Pick up and walk away from the pain of a life lived in fear

Know that I have the right to love as I please

And in the world of dreamers we have the right to fight for all the same rights as the rest of the world

Everyone should know that we have the worst people making all the decisions about our future

Stand up and say you will not take a back seat

Everyone has the right to dream about a future with hope and understanding

And maybe, just maybe, someday we will live in a world where no one is judged for the person they love

And the world is a place of peace

                                             Bless the Child 

Lord, we fall to our knees and pray

Asking father help, us see another day

Walk toward heaven with the eyes of a child

Always let the sprit, move your soul

Find the light of love and feel the blessing from above

Lord, bless the child that walks with you

Stand  still my little one, and let the love carry you

The angel's await to bring thee home

God bless the child that discovers the truth

Love knows no end, love is not cruel, and love will not bring you down....

God bless the child with a heart divine

                                J. D. Willd



                                  Beautiful One

When you went away I asked God why, hoping the answer would lift the pain. Now I know that nothing will ever take that away. The love lives on, but the emptiness sets in. Hurt is but one-way to describe what I felt the day you left. So many questions, with no one to answer. Some believe that death is but one step toward the afterlife, and I believe that too. But even knowing that to be true doesn’t stop me from missing you. I see your halo, and wings, and I know you’re happy, but we need you too. Our journeys have begun yours in heaven and ours on the road of sorrow. Stop it, I say as my mind wonders about the future without you, because I cannot see me without you. I pray you feel the love I send your way, as I pray God help me make it another day. Empty is what I feel inside, most of the time. And I think about what could have been, and the pain fills my soul again. The questions are many, and the answers are few every time I think about you. But I know that I will never stop loving and missing you. So, rest in peace my beautiful one, until we can be together again.



                                          See You Again


There are days when I hear your voice…and Lord I want to call your name

                 There are times when I think I’m dreamin’ … and this will soon all go away       

      And ever once in awhile, I can almost see you smile

                          There are times when I feel it’s over…my heart can’t take the pain

                          Sometimes, I want to hate you…and never  speak your name…

                                     That’s when I realize, this is not a dream

                        There are days when I do nothing…but shed a few more tears

                        Times when I wish it were over, so I could feel my heart again

              And there are times I wish I could join you…but we both know, I have to wait

                           The sun will keep on shining…the pain will come again

               Still, there are times when I wish it were over…just so I can see you again



                                                                      Birthdays are a gift from God.

They remind us of time passed, and things to come.

                                            They help us celebrate milestones in our lives, both good and bad.  

Birthdays bring us closer to our dreams as we see ourselves grow older.

Birthdays bring together family and friends to help lift our spirits.

Everyone that is apart of the Relay for life and the American Cancer Society hope to bring everyone affected by Cancer many more birthdays by working with you.

Celebrate, remember, and fight to give someone their next birthday, and together we will beat cancer. Happy Birthday to You!!!! 

                                                                       Copyright 2018 by WILLD INK