Published Poetry

  Angel of Mine

Angel of Mine is a collection of poems written to help me deal with the death of my late mother, Marilyn Hamrick. She was to me my one true Angel, and her death was almost the end of me. Thankfully, the heavenly father blessed me with the gift of words… And so, I share with you …Angel of Mine, A tribute to Marilyn Hamrick.

  Letting Go

Letting go, is my journey toward peace. After losing my mother to cancer I wanted the world to stop, but I knew that would never happen. Knowing that God loved me helped me make it through another day, and it gave me the strength to say goodbye. Defeating cancer is at the heart of my work right now. And so, with the purchase of every book I will be giving a portion of the sales to the American Cancer Society. For it is my greatest wish to live in a world without cancer.

  Mixed Emotions

Mixed Emotions, is a collection that truly expresses all the feelings that derive from life and love. Take the journey with me…as I try to express my thoughts and feelings on all the emotions of life and love…

  All Kinds of Love

All kinds of love, is a collection of poems I wrote to celebrate love in all its wonder and joy. Just remember, everyone has the right to love as they please… Enjoy…

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