The Cameron Series

 True Love:

True Love, tells the story of Cameron Davis Miles, from the tender age of fifteen, until he finds himself facing a killer no one saw coming, Aids. Cameron grew up in the world of high-fashion, and great wealth. That changes overnight, when his father dies of cancer and his mother, Mary decides to leave New York, for the simple life back in her hometown. Cameron hates the idea until he finds himself falling in love for the first time, with the high school football star, Justin Turner. And so, begins the journey of a lifetime. Can love truly overcome any obstacle? Will hate destroy the perfect romance? What makes a family, a family? Discover the truth behind the words, “True Love”.

My thanks to Courtney Davis…for the wonderful review of “True Love.” “True Love” is an awesome book that will remind you to be thankful for what you have and not to take something for granted. It also reminded that all men (and women) are created equally. No matter, what race or sexuality. It also reminded me that everyone goes through hard times. Everything happens for a reason. All that matters is that you keep your head up and lean on the people that are there to support you!     About the only thing I didn’t like was the way Justin’s parents treated him. But the real sad part is that it happens in real life. According to a lot of people in life gays shouldn’t be treated like everyone else. But that’s just not true. All men “and women” are created equally…

  The Heart Lives On

Cameron is trying to overcome the pain of loss, while being haunted by nightmares of the man he loved. Yet, the pain that lives inside is almost too much to bear, and he turns to alcohol and sex. His friends have walked away, his mother as seen too much, and Cameron, is about to hit rock bottom. As he finds himself alone without the ad of those he loves, Cameron turns to the only person he knows can help, God. And slowly he starts to live again. A new beginning is not the only thing Cameron faces as he tries to put his life back together. He is also about to begin a new career outside of practicing law…. Living your dreams is wonderful, but just as Cameron starts the next chapter of his life, he discovers that finding love again is harder than he ever thought possible. Still, even as he moves forward falling down more than once, as new people enter his life, and others slip away. Through it all one thing stands true… “The Heart Lives On”….

  The Final Acclaim

As Cameron’s story comes to an end …friendships are tested. Marriages fall apart. Children grow up. And the world deals with a great loss. Cameron is doing everything in his power to keep his family’s company running smooth, while dealing with the effects of married life. Julie has found the perfect man, now she has to keep all that she holds dear safe from her mistakes. As Christian grows up, Cameron has to deal with the fact that his only child has become a monster.

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